we are a legacy movement that creates self-expression through urban fashion. we offer our customers a space to become legends of their own. We want to partner with black local urban designers to offer hand-picked collections, empowering young fashion entrepreneurs to be discovered and amplified.

civil style 
our trends. our rules.


Do you refuse to allow society to project their “rules” on your style? Collab with us to create unique, must-see apparel. We welcome all designers not afraid to go against the status quo.


You are iconic legends. We are legendary icons. Together we will amplify the voice of #CivilStyle. See our timeless collection of hand-picked creations, and use your influence to impact the movement.

are you civil?

WE’RE LEADING with our own ideas about urban fashion. We’re doing it our way*

and that is why we want you in our team. you fit into the profile of our aim. together we will rip off the ceilings and create a long lasting partnership.

*F*ck what you heard